Career Coaching Platform

Project Background

Human resources startup PILOT approached me to create an experience for users to stay engaged, accountable, and encouraged to meet their career goals. Using their proprietary web application assessment as a starting point, I designed an iOS mobile application to accompany each employee through their career journey in order to help companies retain their best people and improve employee satisfaction. 

My Contributions

User Research







Feature & Heuristic 

Competitor Analysis 

I compared the features and system behavior of competitor products using Nielsen Norman heuristics and feature analysis. 


I surveyed 40 people in order to learn more about what prevents job satisfaction as well as their experiences with personality assessments and career improvement strategies such as workshops or career coaching.  


As retention is highly personal, I interviewed people across the corporate hierarchy from individual contributors to managing directors to understand their pain points with their careers and what would positively influence retention for them.   

Affinity Mapping

I assembled all of the data collected  from the previous three phases of research and compiled them into emerging themes from which I prioritized features and arrived at a problem statement and a few personas.   

Survey Results

In approaching the problem, "how do we keep users engaged, encouraged, and accountable after they complete their initial assessment?", I conducted a survey to learn more about how users leveraged technology to change their habits and behaviors.  

User Journey Map 

In order to disseminate my research findings and better visualize this largely emotional experience surrounding one's career, I created a user journey map to understand what would constitute a minimal desirable post-assessment experience. This also helped me identify features that would alleviate emotion roadblocks to enhancing one's career. 

Notable Interview Quotes

“ It's not about motivation, it's about having a task that I can't forget. "

“ I want a game plan, not a blueprint."

“Fear of job security was a barrier to communication.”

“I saved my company 8K in fees and was never recognized for it.”

& Solutions
Self-Directed Goals

Respondents and users lamented the lack of a customizable game plan as a reason why they haven't successfully changed their habits in the past. The solution must include a way to set and modify goals to ensure they are relevant to users.    

Dissecting Issues/Sub-tasks

Six out of ten interviewees felt undervalued at work. Due to the myriad of factors necessary to remedy something as complex as being undervalued, the solution must include a way to dissect larger issues into smaller, more actionable items and allow for the creation and tracking of sub-tasks.  

Strategic Use of Notifications

Respondents and interviewees agreed that notifications would assist them keep their career development front of mind. However, due to the number of apps they use regularly, they felt more they were more likely to act on notifications sent through text and email.       

Elephant in the Room Syndrome

Respondents and interviewees expressed they had no open forum where they could express concerns and points of dissatisfaction. As such, the solution must make some employee data available to management in order to create a forum for open discussion and reduce attrition.    

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Task Management Prototype

This prototype introduces how assessment data is aggregated in the iOS app and demonstrates how basic task management functions are handled. 


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