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Project Background

The medical world works in silo, but our body only responds well to holistic solutions. Once physicians prescribe a treatment plan, patients are largely on their own to monitor their progress apart from occasional testing. Moreover, lifestyle habits, medications, and supplements have very different synergistic affects on the body that are difficult to decipher. How can we empower patients to better understand what works for THEIR health and assist physicians to make more tailored treatment plans when a myriad of factors come into play?  

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Problem Statement

Treatment plans are largely informed by vague anecdotal evidence and tests that are based on sub-optimal ranges.  Patients have trouble deciphering what is and isn’t working as often times their symptoms can be attributed to a myriad of health problems.  When interacting with physicians, they rarely identify patterns and instead vaguely summarize their reaction to their treatment plan. They need a way to easily monitor how their treatment plan is impacting their symptoms over time in order to help their physician more easily pinpoint the ideal combination of lifestyle habits, supplements, or medications that work for them.



Easily Track Symptoms

Allow for users to seamlessly enter how severe their symptoms are on any given day, week, or month. This feature must also account for fluctuations throughout the day. 

Track Lifestyle Factors

As lifestyle factors such as sleep, mood, diet, and alcohol consumption play a crucial role in health and drug interactions, there must be a simple way for users to easily account for daily lifestyle habits. 



The user must be able to easily generate physician reports or at least show the physician how they are responding to a treatment plan over time. 

Define Your Stack

The ability to modify your treatment plan and review the efficacy of previous ones will allow users to isolate the right supplements and mediations at the right doses for their needs. 

Lifestyle Tracking & Analtyics 

As symptoms and treatment plans are heavily affected by lifestyle choices, users are prompted to enter data such as sleep quality, diet, mood, and activity in order to see how their lifestyle impacts their symptoms. The analytics is broken down in a way that allows them to assess how their symptoms have responded to a given treatment plan over time as well as dive deeper into individual symptoms, which might help them determine how to modify their treatment plans. 




On-Boarding Prototype

This prototype demonstrates how users are informed about the product's functionality and walks them through the process of entering their symptoms and current treatment plan in a seamless fashion.


Symptom Selection Animation

Demonstrates how users can spend just a few moments to document how their treatment plan is impacting their symptoms. 


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